Disconnect Your Wires

Today is ‘Disconnect the Wires’, which in my opinion, is one of Andre Obin’s finest tracks to date.  The song’s structure, its message, and the video cinematography make for an amazing combination of medium that helps deliver it to your consciousness. 

The ‘Disconnect the Wires’ video is reminiscent of the classic Pink Floyd ‘Money’ video.  Ao effectively uses a combination of motion blurred time-lapse footage with speed ramped footage to create a perfect visual metaphor of how overloaded people, in their day-to-day lives, forget about the world around them.  It all gets lost in that busy blur, people rarely taking note of the overlooked but remarkably beautiful things around us daily. 

Another aspect that we all can relate to in life is the energy-draining media of today’s society.  It seems as if everything has become so sensationalized and blown out of proportion to the point it drains you mentally.  That impression is not only driven home with the lyrics but the way they are sung.  Ao’s message is something everyone should take to heart.  All these electronic devices and apps are engineered to streamline content directly through your eyes, your ears, and your mind.  For me that digital static is represented by that infectious synth line that is so addicting to listen to.

When I watch this video, it feels like my eyes are that of the camera lens.  I am disconnected from the world, frozen in place and watching it fly by at a blurring pace.  The moment you realize the message of the song, Obin brings in a chill instrumental that is relaxing to listen to.  The imagery slows so you can admire the gorgeous city skylines.  That made such an impact upon me the first time I saw it.  My desktop wallpaper has been similar city skylines ever since.  This reminds me to slow down and admire the beauty of the world from time to time.

This is the message created from ‘Disconnect the Wires’ and it is the reason why this video is the first one on my playlist.  It is a reminder to unplug from the electronic world from time to time.  You should take a moment of your day to either enjoy this wonderful video and song or unplug and go outside, listen, look, and enjoy the world around you.

Published by LifeReStarted

I am a disabled man in my late forties with mental illness. Major depression, anxiety panic disorder, agoraphobia. I have kept only one friend in all that time, my wife. I met my best friend in 1992 and married her in 1995. Ms. B is my beating heart, the reason I keep living. After 20 years, I am waking up to life. Now that I am awake, I want to create.

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