I have so much to say for once in my life but suddenly I am afraid to say it. I don’t care if someone thinks what I say is rubbish. I don’t care if a single person reads my words, well sort of. I want to notify the people these articles are dedicated to ofContinue reading “Uncertain”

Will Scott Biff the Boss

I want to tell you about someone I admire.  Someone who I strangely connect with on multiple levels.  His character on LARPs is named Will/Biff.  On Twitch he is known as BiffTheBawss.  His name is Scott Humphrey.  LARPs is a show about Live Action Role Playing.  It is a subculture in the Role-Playing Game (RPG)Continue reading “Will Scott Biff the Boss”

Disconnect Your Wires

Today is ‘Disconnect the Wires’, which in my opinion, is one of Andre Obin’s finest tracks to date.  The song’s structure, its message, and the video cinematography make for an amazing combination of medium that helps deliver it to your consciousness.  The ‘Disconnect the Wires’ video is reminiscent of the classic Pink Floyd ‘Money’ video. Continue reading “Disconnect Your Wires”

Missing Person with Words

Words is the soundtrack to my private life. My mood, my attitude is symbolized in that upbeat new wave pop music coming out of the speakers from Mission Persons.  I have not been this happy in 16 years.  I am alive and life is worth living.  This sound best describes my emotions right now.  NowContinue reading “Missing Person with Words”

My ‘Gooey’ failure

I spent the last 2 weeks contemplating my ‘Gooey’ mess of an article.  This is not the direction I want to go in.  I see now that sorta stuff is more of a script than an article.  So I’m looking into going down the YouTube route.  I’m doing the google searches and gathering links.  ButContinue reading “My ‘Gooey’ failure”

An artistic look at Glass Animals ‘Gooey’

An artistic look at @Glass Animals music video Gooey. Produced by @pulsefilms. Directed by Lily Coates and Gavin Youngs. Cinematography by Phillip Kaminak. Additionally, I would like to add Charlotte Berhorst is stunning in her role in the video.

The Seesaw Approach

I need to rebuild my work ethic. I’m finding that I don’t really have one anymore. I’m so discombobulated from years of inactivity. It feels like my thoughts, ideas, and organization are all over the place. It probably shows in my writing too. Sure, you could say it’s because of the cannabis, and it couldContinue reading “The Seesaw Approach”