Will Scott Biff the Boss

I want to tell you about someone I admire.  Someone who I strangely connect with on multiple levels.  His character on LARPs is named Will/Biff.  On Twitch he is known as BiffTheBawss.  His name is Scott Humphrey.  LARPs is a show about Live Action Role Playing.  It is a subculture in the Role-Playing Game (RPG)Continue reading “Will Scott Biff the Boss”

My ‘Gooey’ failure

I spent the last 2 weeks contemplating my ‘Gooey’ mess of an article.  This is not the direction I want to go in.  I see now that sorta stuff is more of a script than an article.  So I’m looking into going down the YouTube route.  I’m doing the google searches and gathering links.  ButContinue reading “My ‘Gooey’ failure”

The Seesaw Approach

I need to rebuild my work ethic. I’m finding that I don’t really have one anymore. I’m so discombobulated from years of inactivity. It feels like my thoughts, ideas, and organization are all over the place. It probably shows in my writing too. Sure, you could say it’s because of the cannabis, and it couldContinue reading “The Seesaw Approach”

What does a reawakened, emotionally detached adult do when creating their first website?

Yeah, I cried, yep sure did. Do you know how hard it is to cry while smiling? Seriously, try it. You get the strangest feeling and sobs. Then if you’re lucky you’ll get a good belly laugh going while tears stream down your face. Smiling while crying is a coping tool I started using inContinue reading “What does a reawakened, emotionally detached adult do when creating their first website?”